YOUR LIES CANNOT BITE : Kaura means Bauchi, Bauchi means Kaura.

Musa M. Kirfi, PhD and Seth Francis.

Gov Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad

The electorates in our dear Bauchi state operate on a frequency too advanced to be manipulated, this makes me feel on top of the world. As a citizen, I am sure Nigeria is transforming almost by the second and the sophistication accompanying our political behavior is so evident that an empty campaign of calumny will constantly fail to impress let alone convince. I am confident that the electorates are instrumental in regime formation and transformation while the link between what is and what ought to be, will forever remain existent but human ability to adopt functional practices will make the effect of such gap less impactful on the future and fortune of societies.

Going by the logic that a high-level sophistication is needed to create simplicity, thank God, the sophistication associated with our electorate’s exposure will continue to make it simple for the truth to be celebrated going by evident parameters such as visible performance indices that people will use as dash board light which illuminates the way to greatness.
Premised on the foregoing, we want to unequivocally state that the attitude so expressed in the negative campaigns are but misplaced assertions that will only translate into further reducing the perpetrators to what they really are – retailers of lies with no teeth hence those that cannot bite. Yes! They cannot bite because the fangs are not sharp enough to penetrate the skin or ears of the good electorates of our dear state. Neither the skins nor the ears are vulnerable to the ineffective fangs of the already sick lies.
What impresses the more is that the electorates are keenly watching and under no circumstances would this exalted category of stakeholders of conventional democracy fall prey hence the predators have to sleep on empty stomachs. Bauchi is indeed one great society that produced prominent names in the political landscape of this nation with Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Saadu Zungur, Ibrahim Tahir, A. D. Rufai as typical references. If the negative campaigners are belittling this legacy, why would the electorates of Bauchi be taken for a ride?

Are the campaigners by any chance assuming that our families are only claiming to be what they are not? Are you by any chance disqualifying families` effort in orienting the wards that became men or their decision to usher in a regime change that is currently seeing the Bauchi state into greatness? What have the people of Bauchi done to deserve this relegation?

To put the records straight, Kauran Bauchi has done the needful in not only keeping to but also exceeding the campaign promises. Yes! He has performed beyond promise. Stockholding at its best is found in Bauchi state more than any state in Nigeria. Correction of infrastructure imbalance arising from influx of people from insurgency ravaged states is unprecedented. Kaura means Bauchi, Bauchi means Kaura. Your lies cannot bite.

The electorates are happy that roads are built, schools are fixed, water shortage is defeated by the day, hospitals are working, security is improved. How can your lies bite? The fangs are weak, the jaws aren’t greased, the muscles are dry, how can your lies bite? Like it or not, Kaura means Bauchi, Bauchi means Kaura.
Unless you are convinced sorry illusioned that you can take away the attitudinal sophistication from Bauchi electorates, concentrate on your absentee types of politics and leave Sen. Bala Mohammed alone.

Remember three (3) facts:
i. Truth exalts a nation

ii. Kaura means Bauchi, Bauchi means Kaura

iii. Your lies cannot bite.

I pity you because when our electorates finally decide to push back, your propensity to withstand the challenge will certainly appear to disappear and that’s a hospital kind of case. By the time you are admitted into the political E and A(trauma centre), your discharge will be difficult or at best with very high fees to pay.

As a remedial measure, I encourage you to desist from manufacturing lies and parading same through ill conceived paragraphs (petitions) translated into local language to smear the name of a great son of the soil. We are advising you because we think you are still redeemable. Should prioritize such manufactured lies as your best alternatives, the electorates will surely take you the laundry. Don’t say I no tell una.

your lies cannot bite, your bet is all lies

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