Arewa Concerned Group Calls For Unity, Decorum Among Nigerians

By Khalid Idris Doya

Arewa Youth Group of Concerned Nigerians have called for unity, decorum, oneness and national interest among Nigerian citizens in managing the political affairs of the country.

According to the youth group, its main objective is decorum and sanity in the system in such a way that the game should be played according to its rules, not through insults as some Nigerians are behaving now.

The team leader of the group, Comrade Abubakar Hamma Galafi while addressing in a press conference in Bauchi yesterday said, “Our endeavours have been overshadowed by disparaging remarks from individuals who should exemplify higher standard”.

“It is crucial that we take this opportunity to call for decorum, as the preservation of sanity, unity and security within our country hangs in the balance”.

Comrade Galafi explained that while the legal recourse is being pursued to address the concerns of Nigerians, there is every need to exercise caution and avoid hasty conclusions.

“We earnestly implore all individuals to desist from making unnecessary comments and hurling insults targeting specific regions, ethnic groups or religious affiliations. Failure to adhere to this call for restraint will only serve to fuel further tensions and hostilities”.

Comrade Abubakar Galafi further said that the nation’s democracy serves as bedrock upon which Nigerians collective aspirations and yearnings find expression, saying “Our diversity, a divine endowment, remains unchanged let by any but the divine himself”.

Galafi recalled the comments before the general elections of Oyo state Governor, Seyi Makinde, a lot of comments from now ex-gov Woke and ex-gov Ortom whom nasty comments, he explained, are the kind that should not be or encouraged in the polity.

During the elections, Benue state governor Ortom said that over his dead body for a Fulani man to become President, saying “This is an insult entirely. We should understand that democracy gives everybody the right to do what he/she wants, but does not guarantee to stab a direct insult to a particular tradition, religion, tribe or culture of a particular group.”

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