Atapoly Rector ( Dr. Adamu Sa’idu Bsc. Msc. Phd) : A square pet in a square hole.

M.I Abubakar.

Dr. Adamu Sa’idu.

Person will love to hear a profile of a rare gene like Dr. Adamu Sa’idu whom his appointment as a Rector Abubakar Tatari Ali polytechnic Bauchi is a square pet in a square hole.
Born in Bauchi on 10th February 1968 attended Shekal Primary School, Bauchi, Government Secondary School Futuk and proceed to Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi, University of Jos, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto and University in Malasia where he obtained Phd.
Before his appointment as the Rector ATAPOLY been him from a humble background Dr. was employed by Hospital Management board in 1991 as Assistant Secretary General and posted to various hospitals as hospital secretary.
The places he worked include General hospitals Shira, Ningi, Darazo, Toro, Kaltungo ( for weeks ) and later reposted back to Ningi.
In the course of doing his work Dr. Adamu also served as the Secretary to various committees, among which are the Senior Management Committee and committee for renovations of dilapidated buildings and abandoned vehicles during Dahiru Deba regime, committee on transfer of primary health care from state to Local Government Areas to mention few.
As an Administrator out of his own will Dr. developed interest in teaching career which engineered him to took his time to some various schools for part time teaching, later requested for change of cadre and posted to College of Administration and Business Studies (CABS) Azare as a lecturer (when CABS and ATAP were merged).
Such profile is enough to made one convinced that Dr. Adamu Sa’idu Rector ATAPOLY Bauchi is truly a squre pet in a square hole.
Baushe Daily Times: Going by your profile can we say your appointment is a square pet in a square hole?
Dr. : Well yes to some extent because all through my life i happen to be an Administrator and this position i am holding is an administrative office i practice as an administrator and beside i read administration ( Bsc. Public admin. Mpa. Public admin. Phd. Public management) so you will find out all through my academic life i have contributed to the body of knowledge that is what gave me the chance of becoming a Doctor of philosophy, moreover i have been teaching administration so its quite a rare instance where you found who read administration practicing administration_i have been one among few.
BDT: We learned that Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed appointed you base on merit, can you share with us your blue print?
Dr.: Well ehen i assume office i realized that this Polytechnic has all that it takes to compete with her equivalents around the globe, we have the facilities, structure and human resources what is missing is just the co-ordination, there is a system failure and you need somebody that can develop a model that can harness and synergize all these apparatus together and to move toward the spirit of progress. With what i truly have in mind i realized with the structure we have, there is need for us now to make sure that we migrate from analog to digital era, we want a situation where by whenever you came around you will find the institution an academic friendly and enable students to get access to Internet and get anything they need at their finger tips and conduct researches and this will even help in teaching and learning process.
Moreover there are some certain issues that i observed most of our lectures that aquire Phd. are under utilize here in ATAPOLY because normally few years after their return will start searching for other polytechnics to go just to became professors so we are looking foward to signing MOU with some Universities to enable them fulfill their ambition of becoming professors and from our side we will gun down the problem.
W e will also provide a befitting library and internet platform that will simplify the process of students registration, collection of admission and obtaining their results and student can also be able to access their teachers and this will also help the institution rate the working status of her staff as well as their needs, in a nutshell this is the blueprint i will work with to take the institution to greater height.
BDT: So far what is the profile of ATAPOLY?
Dr.: We have 342 academic staff in the polytechnic which include 28 Phd. Holders with many others on training, 153 Master’s degree holders, 122 first Degree holders and 40 HND holders and about about 436 non academic staff. We currently have seven schools!
1:- School of General Studies.
2:- School of engineering
3:- School of Science and Tech.
4:- School of management Studies
5:- School of Environmental Technology
6:- School of Information, office technology and management
7:- School of Vocational and Technical Education.
We also have a directorates for degree programs with affiliation with some universities (ATBU in particular)
BDT: How can you describe Government’s effort toward the development of the institution?
Dr.: Bauchi State government under the watch of Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammed is playing it part well in term of salary payment and everything and in term of staff development we planning to sponsor our staff to further their education.
I will sieze this privilege to thank His Excellency Governor Bala Mohammed because for someone to have faith and trust in you it means alot, many desired this position and among all His Excellency took the bull by the horn and decided to give me this responsibility without a thought or fear in mind that i can not deliver, this expectation is quite enough and enormous for me to say thank you for the confidence you have in me and i have it in me that i will meet all the hopes and expectations, and will not deter away from what you so much want the institution to be.

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