ATBU Bauchi inches closer to acquiring genetic modification technology.

By Abubakar Baba Ahmad.

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University ATBU Bauchi is to collaborate with International organisations towards the commencement of genetic modification in human physiology and agriculture.

This is aimed at correcting mutations in human especially in diseases such as Anaemia, leukemia, and altering of plants DNA towards producing resistant crop for food sufficiency through the use of CRISPR technology.

The Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Muhammadu Ahmad Abdulazeez stated this at the Physiological Society Institutional Engagement seminar held at the Molecular Genetics and Infectious Diseases MOGID Research laboratory ATBU Teaching Hospital Bauchi.

Professor Muhammadu Abdulazeez who said the acquisition of the Sequencing machine would help the university develop its capacity in medical research, noted that the primary goal is to have the best molecular research laboratory in the country.

“Our target is to be the best lab in Nigeria, in fact our target is to be the in Africa now what we are lacking, even now we are in the process of procuring a Sequencing machine, we gave out the contract and all other machines that can support this Centre to make it a world renowned centre and that is why you find that we have partnership with many world renown organisation, he disclosed.”

He promised to support the MOGID Research laboratory with the necessary tools in conducting indepth researches and presentations to ensure that the objective of its establishment is achieved.

In a paper presentation titled “Utilising Molecular Biology Techniques in Scientific Research for Global Impact”, the Head of Department MOGID Research laboratory ATBUTH Dr Suleiman Yusuf said the technological advancement in genetics has afforded researchers in medical sciences to redefine precision medicine, DNA altering and production of reselient crops.

“Currently the idea is to utilise gene therapy, gene therapy has so many setbacks so the idea of the CRISPR technology comes into existence recently and it has been recognised, so hopefully i the future we can develop capacity on how to use this technology in our country, the physiologist argued.”

Dr Suleiman Yusuf underscored the need for human physiologists to explore the vast field of molecular biology towards finding solutions in aspects of mundanean genetics, psycho genetics, molecular genetics and gene therapy among others.

On his part, the Chief Medical Director ATBUTH Dr Jibrin Yusuf who challenged the researchers to come out with proposals on the genomics of emerging diseases to know the methodology and diagnosis of treatment, noted that potential partners from developed countries have shown interest in working with the hospital to understudy emerging diseases like lassa.

“He noted that, the partners we are expecting include the partner from Germany, they are doing a lot of work at Irrua in Edo state regarding Lassa fever and we see that they have interest in states of northern part of the country and they realised that its only ATBUTH Bauchi thst is capable of doing that! and the emerging diseases you are seeing-the good thing is that we are seeing the patients here, the monkey pox you have been hearing about as I’m talking to you we have a patient confirmed waiting for us and we are managing the patient and is doing very well.”

Earlier, the Convener of the seminar and HOD Human Physiology ATBU College of Medicine Dr Philemon Mshelia said physiology is critical in the life of all living things such as humans, animals and plants, hence the resolve to organise the event to show how to apply various molecular biology techniques in daily research works.

The Seminar organised by the department of Human physiology of ATBU and Sponsored by the physiological society of the United Kingdom was attended by the university and teaching hospital management, staff of Bauchi State university and medical students.

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