Atiku Abubakar: A Man With Sincerity Of Purpose

By Adamu Yalwa Gabi

Recently I was emotionally touched, psychologically defeated and equally my mind kept baffled with the most worrisome security challenge in the past  which put parents and children from Borno state in a real dilemma.

It was exactly more than seven years now after the abduction of female students from the GGSS Chibok, since the state was hit by the boko haram insurgents initially in 2009. This ugly trend automatically gained relevance from the media due to public interest by giving it a wider coverage and occupying a portion in both Nigeria and the African book of history.

Obviously, the scenario was regarded as a genesis for the downfall of Jonathan administration even with billions of naira that was expended in the purchase of ammunitions to combat terrorists and enhance security architecture of the country.

Perhaps,the county began to witness insecurity threat during the Umaru Musa ‘Yar adua  administration that tried to overcome it before escalating which subsequently his successor Good Luck Jonathan inherited after given the opportunity to spear head the nation in acting capacity during the medical trip of the latter which gave rise to a battle debate in the legislative chamber as a result of expiration of one hundred days that is constitutionally recognised for a sitting president said to have abscond from office.

Certainly, I was motivated in writing this article following how a son of the soil from the north east,past Nigerian leader as a second in command and above all a person with high human esteem especially on the downtrodden Alh. Atiku Abubakar GCON, Wazirin Adamawa consolidated on the effort of PMB’S administration in saving the lives of some abducted chibok school girls from captivity.

Indeed, this is worthy of emulation irrespective of ethno-religious differences or political affiliation for Atiku to secure admission , impact knowledge up to graduating level for about twenty of the abductees that gained freedom in the present administration at his private owned American university of Nigeria (AUN).

For the benefit of doubt, here are a few names of the Chibok community girls and graduates beneficiaries of free education under the total care and concern of Alh. Atiku Abubakar whom i never met with,spoken or paid for,for any reader not to think it was intentionally publicized to include Yana paul now graduate of communications and multimedia design and Mary Katambi BSC  Accounting amongst others

Believe you me, this kind of uncommon gesture in Islam is regarded as SADAQATUL JARIYA. meaning whoever engaged in things like planting trees for others to enjoy the shade,digging of Wells to quench the taste of others or impacting knowledge which can be beneficial to the lives of humanity shall continue to get reward even after his demise. That is according to prophet Muhammad peace and blessing of Allah be upon him.

Nigeria that is blessed with many well to do individuals is expected to have gone far in given unconditional love and affection to the less privileged by our enriched people which in turn can strengthen the bond of relationship between neighbours, the poor and the rich and interrelations. Infact, Envy, crimes such as armed robbery, kidnapping and stealing could be reduced to the nearest minimum if not totally eliminated.

The United Arab Emirates based Jada born Nigerian from Adamawa state and a Fulani by tribe had significantly shaped the lives and time of the released victims that were put into fear,molested and traumatised by their hostage while in the bush.

No doubt, the man I named with the sincerity of purpose has the people of this country at heart even as he engaged in a global business venture in Dubai but his attention reflects Nigeria via his CLEAN MIND in focusing the desire to come to the plight of the masses.

Just as there is no disruption on the fact that the earth is spherical in nature, so also from my view that THE RIGHT PERSON FOR NIGERIA IS ATIKU, come 2023.

As political events continue to unfold and the clock ticks quicker, there is clear indication that the 2023 general election in Nigeria especially that of the presidential seat may only favour a person that can put the right peg in a square hole which Alh.Atiku Abubakar the Wazirin Adamawa deserved to be given the mandate by Nigerians since he is a right honourable gentleman that was TESTED AND TRUSTED.

Gabi, a graduate of Quantity Surveying ATBU, Bauchi, writes via adamumgabi@gmail.com, 08033990884.

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