Bauchi 2023: Governor Bala, Hon Jatau a perfect match -Jama’are PDP Chairman, Governor Bala’s campaign coordinator

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

The Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Campaign Coordinator of Governor Bala Mohammed’s re-election bid in Jama’are local government area, Isa Maikada and Alhaji Ahmadu Hamma Hanafari have said that the governor and his running mate, Hon. Auwal Jatau are a perfect match towards the 2023 general elections.

Speaking to our Corresspondent, Isa Maikada, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in Jama’are local government area noted that Governor Bala Mohammed has performed creditably well in the last three and half years.

“His Excellency the executive governor of Bauchi, Kauran Bauchi, Jagaban Katagum is doing excellently well and we really appreciate him. We in Jama’are have never had it so good from the dividends of democracy like now, we have never seen a government which did well for the people of Jama’are like Bala Mohammed led administration”, he said.

According to him, Governor Bala Mohammed has executed legacy projects in Jama’are such that can never be forgotten.

“Firstly, the governor has built a Mosque in Dogon Jeji, that Mosque has defied solution from previous administrations in the state but as God may have it, when the Governor was campaigning, he pledged to build the Mosque and thank God he has fulfilled his promise, that was his first project in Jama’are, it was done within a short time, if you enter the Mosque you would think that you are in Saudi Arabia, so we really thank him”, Isa Maikada said.

He said apart from the construction of the Mosque, there are so many projects such as schools, hospitals, distribution of empowerment packages, and many others executed by Governor Bala led administration in Jama’are local government area.

While describing the appointment of the new Emir of Jama’are by the Governor as welcome development, the PDP chairman expressed gratitude that the governor acted in the best interest of the people by appointing the first son of the late Emir as agitated by the people of the local government.

“When the Emir died, Jama’are was silent, the people were waiting for the governor to decide, those agitating were agitating, those praying were praying for God to choose the best person to replace His Royal Highness who spent 55 years on the throne, people were praying for the Governor to appoint someone, and God’s willing, the Governor appointed the choice of the people, the eldest son of the late Emir”, Isa Maikada recalled.

The local government party chairman said that the decision of the governor to go with the popular wishes and agitation of the people of Jama’are in the appointment of the Emir further endeared him in their lives, adding that, coupled with the laudable projects executed in the area, the governor will pull massive vote from Jama’are local government area in 2023.

Maikada praised Governor Bala Mohammed for creating and appointing four district heads in Jama’are local government area, a gesture he said is well cherished by the entire people of Jama’are.

“This is a great achievement to us, other emirate councils do not have four district heads the we have now, for this, we also, we thank the Governor for appointing our own as chairman Local Government Service Commission, a position that no any elite from Jama’are has ever occupied before, we really appreciate His Excellency and we pray for his success”, he said.

Isa Maikada assured that, as chairman of the party in the local government area, he would in synergy with other party stakeholders, do everything possible to ensure that Governor Bala and his running mate, Hon. Auwal Jatau wins overwhelmingly in Jama’are come 2023.

He said as a result of Governor Bala’s inclusiveness in administration, many opposition party members, particularly the APC are trooping into the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in Jama’are local government area and are being received.

While commending the Governor for choosing Hon. Auwal Jatau as his running mate, Isa Maikada prayed for their victory in 2023, adding that the governor’s running mate is a true politician and a grassroot politician whose choice will add value to Governor Bala’s second term ambition.

“Honestly speaking, we are appreciative to His Excellency, the current deputy Governor Baba Tela for his immense contribution to the development of Katagum zone and his leadership style, he is an honest man and a true elder statesman, we are really thankful to him”, he said.

He appealed to the people of Jama’are to continue to unite themselves and support the Governor with their votes in 2023.

On his part, the campaign coordinator of the governor in the local government, Alhaji Ahmadu Hamma Hanafari said that the people of Jama’are would only vote for someone who has root in Bauchi state.

Corroborating the PDP chairman of Jama’are local government area, Alhaji Hanafari said that the achievements of Governor Bala Mohammed has made him so dear in the lives of the people of Jama’are.

He said that the dividends of democracy been enjoyed by the people of Jama’are during Governor Bala’s administration cannot be quantified and as such, they will not waste their votes on any other candidate.

“I want to reassure His Excellency the Governor not to be distracted by the ranting of the opposition, we are hearing that somebody from Katagum, Giade or wherever is contesting for the governorship, we want to assure the governor that there is no cause for alarm, we in Katagum zone are not going to vote for someone that has no root here”, Alhaji Hanafari said.

According to him, the people of Jama’are would massively vote for Governor Bala Mohammed because they believe he has family members in the state through which they can channel their complaints should the Governor deviated from his campaign promises.

Hanafari who assured the governor that no PDP member will resort to anti party in the area, noted that the people of the local government are one united family and are pleased with the achievements of the Governor in the state.

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