Bauchi APC Chieftain, Al’ameen urges Tinubu to serve Nigeria with justice, fear of God

Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Nigeria’s President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has be urged to serve the country with justice and fear of God as he prepares to take charge of the mantle of leadership.

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bauchi state, Alhaji Al’ameen Sani Muhammad who made the appeal in an interview with newsmen on Sunday explained that for the President elect to succeed, he should be a servant leader and apostle of Justice by serving the country with Fear of God.
A one time Ex-Officio of the defunct Alliance for Democracy (AD), Alhaji Al’ameen urged Tinubu to be fair and just to all Nigerians.

A’ameen who also a former Assistant Director Grassroot engagement and Orientation for Tinubu Shettima Presidential Campaign Council in the 2023 election, advised Tinubu on the need to consider all sections of Nigeria as one.

While urging Tinubu to drop his idea of demeaning Northern part of the country which he did in the past, noted that the action led to the collapse of the Defunct AD as a political party.

He added that the President-elect, Bola Tinubu can only succeed if his efforts are complemented by right thinking Nigerians who share the vision for the unity of the country.

Alhaji Al’ameen who was a former Bauchi APC Governorship aspirant said admonished Tinubu to refrain from avoidable delays in decision making.

“It is better to take a bad decision and correct it after seeing its effects than to wait until eternity to make one. That’s why it’s customary to say that indecision is the graveyard of good intentions”, he said.

The APC stalwart said Muhammadu Buhari’s spectacular and lamentable failure as a president was built on the fundament of indecision, explaining that Buhari couldn’t make up his mind about anything and took half-hearted, ineffective decisions only after the urgency of moments had passed.

Al’ameen who regretted that Buhari could not come up with his cabinet members months after he was declared winner of the 2015 election, recalled that governing boards of government agencies, which are the engines of everyday governance, were unfilled years after Buhari was inaugurated as president.

“That was one of the reasons the economy took atailspin into predictable chaos from which it hasn’t recovered.” He said.

He urged Tinubu to assemble his cabinet members while he is awaiting his inauguration and announce them within the first week following his inauguration.

“He should also fill all vacancies in governing boards of government agencies within the first few months of his administration”, the APC Chieftain said.

The APC stalwart who opined that the choice of cabinet members should lean toward savvy and competent people, said in presidential democracies, cabinet positions are often given as rewards to politicians who supported a presidential candidate during electioneering.

Alhaji Al’ameen who said he doesn’t expect Tinubu to not reward people who supported his electoral victory, opined that in light of the multiple burdens of heightened insecurity, economic stagnation, progressively dysfunctional infrastructure he is inheriting, Tinubu will earn the confidence of the nation if he appoints apolitical, clear-eyed, and demonstrably experienced and capable people to supervise the economic, security, power, and other consequential sectors of the nation.

“Even after he appointed them, Tinubu should, because of this, set up achievable and measurablemetrics to evaluate the performance of ministers and fire non-performing ministers irrespective of their credentials”, he further advised.

Sani Al’ameen urged Tinubu to work to earn the trust of people who didn’t vote for him, including people who don’t believe he legitimately won his election, or he has the interest of one Nigeria in his heart.

“In appointments and location of projects, he should reflect Nigeria’s intricate diversity. He should not, in words and in deeds, marginalize any part of Nigeria that resent him and unfairly elevate his natal constituency”, said Al’ameen.

According to him. “It’s easier to win over opponents by repaying their hostility with kindness than to fight them back. In any case, after becoming president, there will automatically be power asymmetry between Tinubu and his traducers. The fact of being president dwarfs any vilification he may receive from his opponents and critics”.

“Success, they say, is the best revenge. How he treats opponents will define him more than how he treats people who support him”, he said.

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