Breaking: An international staff was kill by a soldier in Borno

By Mohammed Kaka Misau

Reports reaching Newsmen in Maiduguri reveals that, a soldier working in the frontline operations in Damboa local government area of Borno state in Northeast Nigeria have killed a humanitarian worker and also injured a helicopter pilot before he was said to have been brought down by other colleagues to prevent further disaster on the humanitarian operations in the deep field.

The incident according to sources raises serious crises among the humanitarian workers in Damboa local government as the lady killed was said to be an Expertriate from Ethiopia and the injured Pilot, a UN staff working with UNHAS and lifting humanitarian staff from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital to deep field for humanitarian assistance.

Although there was no evidence of any engagement that may have resulted in the action taken by the soldier, reports simply put that he was depressed having been fighting for a while in the frontline operations.

Investigation carried out by Our Correspondent revealed that the lady, an International staff from Ethiopia was working with a French organization, Medicine de Mondene (MDM). According to findings, she was stab four time by the soldier, who afterwards turn on the pilot and injured him also.

“She was not a UN staff but the Pilot is. We could not fetch reasons for the action rather than put that the soldier was depressed. For now, I cannot tell you their names as we are yet to complete our investigation on the matter. This is rather sad but we hope that the Nigerian authority will do sometime to stop aggressiveness against humanitarian workers by some men in uniform and to take a step in ensuring the need is done for soldiers in such conditions.” A source said

The incident which happened at about 3:00pm put that the soldier stab the international staff after he had exhausted bullet firing at the humanitarian helicopter that wounded the UN Pilot.

” It was after he had exhausted his bullet that he turns on the international staff with jack knife and stab her four times to sniffout life in her.” Another source revealed

As at the time of this report, there is no communication from the military over the incident or statement from the UN and humanitarian organization on the incident.

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