DR. AMINU ALA: Rightful Son At The Right Time For The Right Position In Nasarawa Federal Constituency

By Usman Abdullahi Koli 

Since the inception of the fourth, many leaders at State and Federal levels have come and gone, some are remembered for their job-well done while others are in their minds of many following the exasperating leadership bereft of substance they tormented the people with. 

Kano State is seen as the epicenter of Northern politics where a lot of well-bred politicians were hatched, challenges that obstruct speedy development in most communities as well as eagerness to bring transformations are what motivated not even trained young men contest during elections. 

Relationship with fellows, good managerial skills and open-heart that welcomes everyone irrespective of tribal or religious differences are few amongst the many qualities that made Dr. Aminu Ladan Abubakar suitable for Nasarawa Federal Constituency under the platform of Action Democratic Party (ADP).

Aminu Ladan Abubakar was born and brought-up in Kano State. He was precisely born in 1973 in Yakasai Quarters of Kano; he started studies with the traditionally-run Islamic educational system before transitioning to Tudun Murtala Primary School, after which he proceeded to Government Secondary School Kawaji Dakata all in Kano State and successfully graduated in 1992. 

Since from childhood, ALA found comfort in writing stories and wrote nine (9) books, later he went back to School of Technology in Kano where he obtained a National Diploma in Art and Industrial Design.

Furthermore, Dr. Aminu ALA has been for decades among the pioneers in drawing attention of leaders towards doing the needful that would end suffering of the masses, he was once arrested because of that wonderful effort. Yet, he did not relent in his quest for good governance. 

The Nasarawa Federal Constituency is progressing. But the pace is incommensurate with its potentialities. The past elected officials have not been optimally delivering democratic dividends as expected and residents have lost hope. The candidacy of Ala has re-awakened it with a spark of light in a dark, rainy jungle.

Furniture and other facilities make teaching and learning easy, reverse is the case in Nasarawa as most classes lack desks. 
Students sit on bare-floor, roofs of some classes were destroyed by wind but yet to be fixed while the Representative of such constituency is busy focusing on unnecessary projects. Amiable Aminu Ala if elected would work in lowering the expenses of educational pursuit especially by the poor. 

As a private citizen, he single-handedly sponsored the education of orphans and vulnerable children times without number. Imagine what he would do if he is holding political office. 

Youth’s unemployment and lack of enough capital for business are what force many of them in causing mayhem in Nasarawa or environs, Ala is always after the well-being of youths as they are the backbone of faster developments.

High number of youths would definitely have something meaningful doing if Ala wins Nasarawa Federal Constituency election. Action Democratic Party (ADP) is a party of reasonable and responsible candidates, lives and properties of residents would be secured and guaranteed if it win all seats during 2023 elections, ALA is determined in making sure that all his campaign promises are actualized not like fake-promises of others. 

However, the price of food stuffs is inflating on almost daily basis, it is due to neglection of agricultural sector, Aminu Ala would make sure that fertilizer and farming machineries are sold to farmers at affordable prices.

It is a known fact that is better to teach a person how to catch fish than to give him or her a fried fish, therefore interested married and unmarried women would be trained into different skills so as to make them useful members of society. 

ALA is of the belief that when people are assimilated into skills would bring nothing but developments. Moreover, Aminu Ala who has been reminding people on good behavioral conducts and societal values that are no longer in use, Ala would be an exemplary leader who would lead by setting pace for his people to re-embrace and help one another.

Sharing of Ramadan items and giving free Sallah clothes would be few amongst his key themes if elected. 
As the world is changing digitally, men and women would be trained into Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and be given computers free of charge in order for them to have means of survival.

Finally and equally important, the literary contribution of Aminu Ladan in the advancement of Arts and culture has been recognised in Nigeria and beyond.

Over the years, he has been utilising his God-given talent to protect, promote and project the culture and heritage of Kano. No society that jettisons its heritage will prosper. Recently, a colleague from the other part of this country asked the current writer about the great historic walls sorrounding the city of Kano (Gaaru).

I was ashamed to disclose that they are gradually been demolished. With Aminu Ladan’s knowledge and considerable appreciation of literature, of Arts and of culture, these landmarks that distinguish and identify will only be more preserved, standardised and improved insha Allah.

Aminu Ladan Abubakar of ADP is the Key for the Success of Nasarawa Federal Constituency!! 
Usman Abdullahi Koli, mernoukoli@gmail.com, (Shalelen Nasaru),(Magatakardan Sarkin Wakar Dutse)

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