By Usman Abdullahi Koli
Democracy, unlike Mornarchy, is driven by the capacity to reach out, precipitate growth, ask for collaborations and leave ones comfort zone to help solve long and short-term challenges of the people. In this 21st Century Nigeria where there is a sudden shift to technologically driven economy, Artificial Intelligence and Renewable Energy on the global scene complemented by the cache of potentials in Nigeria as a whole, the natural endowments and entrepreneurial stamina of Kano State as the commercial hub of the North, the need for a vibrant, agile and forward-looking young leader is never as dire.

A perfunctory look at the political trajectory will suggest Hon. Sha’aban Sharada as the right man to take the bull by the horn in Kano State come 2023.
Leadership qualities of a person could be attested from the reactions and responses of the led; people that endured scorching sun and queued to ensure the candidate emerges victorious in a democratic setting have a lot to say regarding such leader after years in power.

As no person can be taller than his neck, no leader can be smarter than the level of his cohesive cognitive skills in leadership. He must possess some attributes to guide him in making informed, independent decisions free from internal or external control.

Kano State has seen four Governors since the return of Nigeria to democracy in 1999. Each regime is remembered by the number of impactful projects executed but most of them are aged that’s why projects that touch the lives of youths are rare. 2023 election would be the right time for the energetic, experienced, skilled Sha’aban Sharada to steer the leadership mantle.

All over the world, youths are the strength of every meaningful development because they constituted larger portion in the population.

Sadly, they have been living under the shadow of old politicians. The candidacy of Sha’aban in the position of Kano State Governorship paved way for the like-minded youths to contest primarily to change the one-way leadership that benefits selected old breeds. Hence the need for the good people of Kano State to mammothly support him to free the State from the shackles of continuous nepotism, political God-fatherism and wife-driven leadership.

Biographically, Sha’aban Sharada was born in 1982 in Sharada quarters of Kano Municipal, he first attended Salamta Primary School and subsequently Government Secondary Sharada. Vibrant Sha’aban proceeded to Bayero University where he obtained Degree in the field of mass communication.

Young Sha’aban started his career as Marketing Assistant at Freedom Radio in Kano. He made a stint for himself and was Nationally recognised where he was appointed a Personal Assistant (PA) to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. Capitalising on his prior training, he garnered ample leadership skills. 

Sha’aban’s political struggles date back to his undergraduate years where he contested and won the seat of National Publicity Secretary of National Association of Kano State Students (NAKSS) as a preparatory training ground for the larger struggle.

In 2019 after a short yet impactful sojourn as an Aide at the Villa, he was elected as member that represented Kano Municipal Federal Constituency; currently serving as Chairman, House Committee on National Security and Intelligence. Unfortunately, Kano State for the past seven years under the current administration has faced exasperating rise in the rate of crimes, such criminals emanated from the unaccommodated and malnourished youths used as political thugs but later abandoned.

For decades, petty traders and medium business owners have been promised soft loans in order to expand their ventures but all efforts went in vain as such promises in most times ended-up on papers. Sha’aban is a man of his words, he is widely known for fulfilling promises therefore marketers would definitely get loans and empowerments for small and medium entreprises if they give him chance to govern the State.

There are rural and new communities that urgently need road networks and other basic amenities but were neglected by the present administration. These people need to feel a sense of belonging, and Sha’aban is more than ready to extend a hand.

If elected as Governor of Kano State under Action Democratic Party (ADP), Sha’aban would surely wipe tears of commuters by repairing old roads, expanding narrow ones and constructing new at strategic locations that needs them for easy flying and mitigating accidents. Students pool in significant number of votes during elections, they sacrifice a lot in making sure that current government of Kano wins but sadly they are not being paid supported despite numerous demands and failed promises. Kano is amongst the few state that could stand on its own even without Federal government’s funds but students are less prioritized; Sha’aban who is young and not too far from the students would handle his fellows with utmost importance by releasing their scholarships as at when due.

Many have died while others are in abject poverty after serving for the past 35 years, pension and gratuities of ex workers is no longer stable; Sha’aban as a respecter of the old would not play with their entitlements. 

In most developed countries, past records and stewardships that touched lives of common citizens played vital roles in making candidates unique amongst those that were given chance but performed below expectations; the past record-breaking imprints of Sha’aban Sharada are his key that stood him out amongst contemporaries.

Health and educational sectors are indeed engine room of wellbeing and developments, a leader that gives them less priority is indirectly ruining the future. Educated Sha’aban knows their worth and would work assiduously towards standardizing them.

Sha’aban grew up in the midst ordinary citizens, attended public schools. This affords him first-hand knowledge and understanding of their needs and challenges; its only owner of the room that could show where its leaking. Sha’aban indeed perfectly fits the cap of Kano State Governorship, by voting him insha Allah, the Kano dream will be a reality.

Vote Young Sha’aban of ADP Today for Basketful Democratic Dividends Tomorrow!!

Usman Abdullahi Koli, mernoukoli@gmail.com, (Shalelen Nasaru),(Magatakardan Sarkin Wakar Dutse).

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