Fake pastors and their prophecy.

By Charity Ezekiel.

Fake pastors and their prophecy have been the order of the day and must profitable business in Nigeria were such pastors do everything they could to to draw attention of congregations.

Fake pastors or 419 Pastors are persons who dress mentally, spiritually and physically in religious way in order to extort money from their congregations without regards of their financial status.

Fake pastors are not bounded by any divinity, ‘ meaning he does not need to believe in God and whom God does not also believe in him’,
rather he (the pastor) believed in something else like beast (rejected entity).

On 9th of February 2022 a member who later happens to be a victim of such pastors narrated his he was exposed to evil by one pastor (Fake) Jeremiah Omotofufiyin, who initiated him in evil cult known as ” White prophecy cult.

He confessed that ” he has killed more than seven persons, he has been sleeping in a cemetery, ate human flesh and drank human blood just to be known as a pastor.

He confirmed that all the said testimonies by these pastors are all planned and a stage work, ” they pay people for that.

This act by fake pastors and their prophecy is growing day by day. Thereby exposing their congregations to difficulties and hardships by extorting money from them.

Government on their parts should impose strict measures on establishing churches across Nigeria and to also regulate the activities been carried out in personal churches.

More over the culprits of such acts should be brought to book in order to serve as deterrent.

Charity Ezekiel writes from Mass Communication Department Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi State.

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