Governing Council Chairman for COE Misau applauds Gov Bala’s revolution in education sector

By Mohamed Kaka Misau

The Chairman, Governing Council of the A. D. Rufa,I College of Education, Legal and General Studies, Misau Barrister Almustapha Suleiman Alhassan has applauded Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi state for revamping the education sector.

Barrister Alhassan who made the commendation while granting an interview to Baushe Daily Times yesterday in the college, thanked the Governor for giving him and his members the mandate to serve in that capacity.

The Governing Council Chairman who noted that they have conducted their inaugural meeting last year explained that they were able to go round the institution in an on the spot assessment.

According to him, they were able to note some infrastructures that need to be improved upon.

“My impression is that the college is a very nice one, His Excellency has now made a revolution by enacting a law that transforms the institution from a mere college for legal and Islamic studies to a university status”, he said.

Alhassan who said that the school has now become a college of education, Legal and General Studies, added that it has now been expanded to university status.

The Chairman, Governing Council of the College said it is not the name or the change of the nomenclature that matters but the workload created by the enabling law.

He said it was now left for the Governing council under his chairmanship and the management to ensure the success of the intention of the Governor with regards to reasons why he made the law that transforms the institution.

Barrister Alhassan said the meeting was organized to enable them get adequate information from even the staff of the institution at the lowest level because members of Council does not have monopoly of knowledge.

“We don’t claim to know everything, we must involve everyone, is a team work, the governing council of the institution under my watch is a team work, I don’t claim to be perfect, and so from the laborer upward, we must hear from them to identify problems if there are any”, he said.

Barrister Alhassan said further that “by identifying the general problems and the solutions they may proffer, by the time we sit as a council we will now consider their suggestions, add up to our own, vis-a-vis the law creating the institution so that we can work together”.

While also describing the meeting they had as a get together which the staff attested that it has never happened in the history of the school, Alhassan said he was previledged to learn a lot from the meeting.

“I told them that they are like my lecturers, they tutored me, it is the information we got from them that we will add up with the one we already have at our disposal, they are underground, they know the college in and out, we don’t want anybody to hide under the name of management to conceal information”, he said.

The Chairman who noted that “they know that the provost is doing his best but notwithstanding, some heads may hide something but we can hear from the grassroot, so when we hear then we will by-pass them”.

“If we had not sit and interacted with them, some junior ones may not have tell us actual happenings, rather the management or the heads will tell us what they want us to hear while hiding some information”, Barrister Alhassan avvered.

On how prepared his council is, to solve some of the identified problems, the Chairman said he will pursue the content of the law to the core and will also collaborate with not only the internal management of the school but the outside agencies such as the NBTE, NUC, tetfund and even SUBEB.

He pledged to be obedient and loyal to the present administration so that it will recognize what the Governing Council members are doing to enable them get funding to perform better and upgrade the institution.

He said as the pioneer Chairman, Governing Council of the College, a five year development plan has been put on ground.

“Together with the provost, we have mapped out a five year development plan, that’s our vision and mission, and out of which we have extracted the one that is immediate, that’s the one for 2021 plan. So we will start from scratch by upgrading the already decayed infrastructure and also by creating other courses and collaborate with the relevant stakeholders to make sure that they are fully accredited”, he hinted.

Barrister appreciated the untiring efforts of the present administration for the laudable achievements so far recorded in all sectors of the economy.

He expressed optimisms that the Governor who out of his determination, created the Governing council for the institution will not relent until the aim is achieved

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