Hooligans attacked house of Tinubu’s assistant Campaign Director in Bauchi

Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Some hoodlums have attacked the house of Assistant Director, Grassroot Engagement and Orientation of Tinubu Shettima Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) in Bauchi, Alhaji Sani Al’ameen Muhammad.

Sani Al’ameen Muhammad who is a former Governorship aspirant under the APC in the State was lucky to have escaped from the hooligans, as he was not home when they came calling.

Our Corresspondent gathered that, in his absence, the hoodlums carted away handsets and computers of his children and other belongings.

Confirming the incident to reporters, Al’ameen said that the intruders came in the early hours of morning and break into his house.

“I can confirm that, in the early hours of this morning my house was broken into, I don’t what was the mission of the hoodlums, and it seems the target was clearly me because the intruders headed straight for where they thought was my room, broke in and met my absence”, he said.

“They took away our personal belongings ,my children laptops and phones. They asked for my whereabout which makes me to suspect that, they had only one objective which is to eliminate me”, Alhaji Al’ameen said.

While thanking God for saving him, Al’ameen said that nobody in his household was hurt.

“But this is a stark reminder that the 2023 political season has started and those who can not win on the field, will seek other ways to get power. It may have worked in the past, but not here and not now”, he stated.

The Assistant Campaign Director who assured his wishers and supporters that he was not deterred by the ugly incident, pointed out that it has rather made him more committed to his ideal and principles, which is fighting to their cause.

According to him, his expectation is to see a more peaceful Bauchi state where all can sleep with both eyes closed and the youth get engaged in meaningful activities to put food on their family’s tables.

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