Inuwa: Personality Trait and Transformational Leadership

By Safiyanu Danladi Mairiga

In our today’s world, hurdles of challenges become persistently increasing as a result of myriads of problems facing our societies; from poverty to unemployment, insecurity to lack of education, difficulties in access to health care, water and other fundamental amenities that make life easier for an average man in a society he lives.

Of all these challenges, there seems to be one and simple solution– LEADERSHIP! Having an effective leadership that is authentic and willing to confront our dynamic nature of growing challenges with utmost sense of sincerity is what many societies struggle to have, subjecting themselves to making multiple of trials by changing who governs them over and over.

In Gombe, our collective prayers for having a purposeful leadership that would look up to these great challenges have been answered. We’re now living under the mercy-shed of God. While in some neighbourhoods, choices made in leadership give no remarkable outcomes in both capital and human development, ours is writing his name in gold on the front page of history by achieving greatest possible impact on our societies within this limited time and within the reach of limited resources.

We’ve a leader with a great charm, humility and intelligence, whose name has become synonymous with development of infrastructure and improvement of livelihood of his subjects. The miracles that make Gombe what it is today in spite of the voluminous challenges of resources states and the centre are faced with, is nothing but the desire for a prosperous Gombe and the hardwork the visionary Inuwa has been doing.

His endearing qualities as portrayed in what he does is his infectious vitality. His outstanding skills as a leader made Gombe to become most formidable political force that the centre could not do without. His wise and honest rule is what has taken Gombe to the centre-stage or rather brought it to limelight at the national arena.

From all sides, from every angle and even from within, people are building bumps on the pathway of Inuwa’s success and that of his administration. They’re throwing stones to create obstacles for an obvious reason; his refusal to bow to pressure of some self-centred few by keeping alive the tradition of squandering the commonwealth of the people as it was seen in the past.

He’s constantly being reminded by his conscience that on his shoulders, rested the hopes of over three million people. This makes him becomes intensely loyal to the oath of office and that of allegiance he took at Pantami Stadium about three years ago. Drifting on this could mean that the credence placed on him by a representation of this population through the ballot in 2019, is being double-crossed.

The courage to act on his judgement on issues or situations which he perceives as the right thing done for the common good of all is one of his many adorable and distinctive qualities. He is indeed a man of rare gifts. In him I see a totem of truth in a world bereft of such a rare treasure.

I believe and let’s all believe, that with him, the agenda of #MovingGombeForward is possible. #D4Assured

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