Johnchizzy’s foundation: A Great Step In Becoming A Billionaire Of Your Time

By Muhammad Umar Shehu

The days of been poor in the midst of availability has finally come to an end in the lives of the citizens of this country. This is so with the coming of the johnchizzy’s foundation.

This foundation is aim at making our teaming youths to become employers of labour and billionaire of their time.

With the coming of this foundation Nigerians don’t need to depend on white colour jobs which are not available, but to be entrepreneur who would be creators of wealth and employment in the country and beyond African countries.

Mr. John Pokyes Dajan, the Executive Director as a patriotic youth came up with this exciting and adorable initiative to uplift and rise the standard of living of both male and female youth in the country which is such great achievement to be proud of in our society.

Some people are naturally life-supporter in given out to the public from what God has blessed them with an Mr. John Pokyes Dajan is really up to the task in given out to the general public from the intuitive talent that the Omnipresence, omnipotent God blessed him with.

The main vision of johnchizzy’s foundation is largely depend on empowering resilient youths to build enterprise that contribute to nation building in job creation, social welfare and economic sustainability.

Furthermore, the mission of johnchizzy’s foundation is to create a platform where young people in various vocation can access mentorship, grants, and skills to support their existing enterprises through an accountable system they will impact their growth and contribution to their communities.

Yes, it’s true that we rise by lifting others.

The best attainments in life is at the moment when the general public mafficks one’s service or achievement to humanity while the celebrants is robust and hearty. many people have come and gone but only the industrious ones are being remembered due to their good actions to the humanity and with confidence I can say John Pokyes Dajan have done his best as the director of johnchizzy’s foundation.

Unquestionably, Johnchizzy’s foundation has being the nerve to a lot of people to operate their daily routines by looking at how johnchizzy’s foundation put more effort in creating an environment where people feel they can be their best through creating an entrepreneurship skills to our youths.

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