OUR STAND : Pressing Need To Curb Youth Restiveness, Thuggery in Misau

It is certain that, no meaningful development can be attain in an unsecured atmosphere. Of recent, there have been some rising cases of youth restiveness and thuggery in Misau local government area of Bauchi state. Security challenges such as this, requires urgent and holistic measures to control, otherwise the situation will be worse than it was before. It is therefore, high time now and not later, for the authorities concerned and stakeholders in the task of ensuring security to lives and properties to swing into action and bring an end to this felonious act in our society.

Just of recent, some under-aged boys (thugs) from some communities within Misau town in their numbers, invaded another community at midnight, in possession of life threatening weapons such as machete, knives, daggers, axes, among others. In a gestapo style, the swooped on innocent residents which resulted to several people sustaining various degree of enjuries with properties worth thousands of naira lost.

As we join others in commending the efforts of security agencies towards securing our towns and villages, we are left with no option than to appeal for extra effort by both the security agencies and the law abiding citizens of Misau through collaboration with a view to finding durable solutions to this menace.

Misau has over the years known to be peaceful amongst the 20 local government areas of Bauchi state but regrettably, of recent, the narration seem to be changing. There is no doubt that ‘a problem to one in a society is a problem to all. To this regard, no amount of reasons will justify the failure of Misau people to come together as one big family, one society to inculcate in the children, the desired parental moral upbringing in order to surmount the menace of the current insecurity and thuggery bedeviling them.

It is painful and worrisome to observe that nowadays, many parents don’t care or care less about the activities of their wards, thus exposing them to bad influence in the society. Regrettably, the home which is the purveyor of good morale upbringing have been left at the mercy of itself, with most parents doing little or no effort towards inculcating the good morals expected of a human society. Moral upbringing of children is highly important to a peaceful society, but reverse has been the case where many youths have resorted to drug abuse, gangsterism, thuggery, among other social vices.

The question remains, “why are some parents and the society in general abdicating their responsibility, thus failing to understand that those engaging in illegal, criminal, felonious and unlawful actions also come from home and families? Why can’t they realise that a good society is dependent on the good conduct or training that the family and society can bequeath to their children?

It is pertinent for the Good people of Misau to join hands together by collaborating with security personnel towards combating this menace once and for all, as it is new in Misau local government area. It is the responsibility of all to reverse this ugly trend which reared its head in Makara Huta and Sabon Layi, it is so disgusting and need urgent control.

People of Misau need to cooperate with security personnel by giving them vital information in order to tackle the challenges of insecurity within the area because security personnels cannot do it alone, but with the help of Misau people, they can overcome the problems.

Great things can only be achieved if there is unity. It is therefore, incumbent on the good people of Misau to work hand in hand with security forces in order to tackle the threat. Workable measures need to be put in place to help in curtailing the problem or else, the community will witness setbacks in her quest for development.

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