Senator Ningi’s Victory, A Plus For The Entire North

By Adamu Yalwa Gabi

Long before the 2023 general elections approaches, I had made up my mind to be enlisted among those to disfranchise themselves in the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly polls and even beyond because of many reasons. One of which is; most of the power brokers on elective positions act like a chameleon during campaigns and later change to their true colour and perform below average, running helter skelter not to be traced by their followers.

After given a critical look on the comparative advantages of Sen. Abdul Ahmed Ningi, the number two member of the upper chamber to win his second tenure so far in the history of senatorial elections in the Bauchi central zone after the 1983 elections which saw the re-emergence of a business tycoon and cotton processor Ahmadu Danyama Rufa’i before the 1983 military coup that brought in Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s regime. With Walin Ningi’s previous track records which makes it extra ordinary unique from hundred of thousands of politicians, I was left with no option than to retrieve the earlier miscalculated attempt on not to exercise the mandatory civic responsiblity to make my vote count.

Although, who ever was priviledged to be in the 2015 re-election campaign train of the then first term senator after eleven years of parliamentary experience in the (Lower House), one may not believe to hear a strange name been announced by the electoral umpire as the successor of the strong hold or pillar in the British colony’s law making body. Ohh, I now vividly remember; it was the catastrophy known as Buhari’s tsunami which swept many capable hands that unilaterally outshined the lighting stars of Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi.

Even with the Hullabaloo exhibited by residents of my home town Gwaram Ta Kari from Misau Local Government that once produced the first elected Senator in 1979 when the constituency consist of only Misau and Darazo LGA’s unlike the present six LGA’s during the second republic, the Magajin Garin Misau mentioned above towards the second quarter of last year to do everything humanly possible to celebrate the political burial of PDP led administration in the state occasioned by a feud which seems to be more of marginalization of the agrarian community for not furnishing the aggrieved PDP dominated area with the basic and required expected developmental project to ease their sufferings in fulfilling the promise made to them during the 2019 electioneering campaign.

Khalas, the eligible voters under a unified umbrella of scouting for a candidate of proven integrity from the said federal ward known to be for it determinant factor in winning elections at all levels in Bauchi State coupled with the manner through which they cast their block votes at last resorted to do the needful and let go of their grievances courtesy of Baba Leader.

The arithmetic adopted in dousing tension and fear of taken chances by the Ningi’s element in ensuring the political gladiator do not continue to be irrelevant throughout the incoming 10th NASS was a kind of public relations communication’s strategy by way of potraying all his good images to draw their attention on the lessons learnt from his successors which are incomparable with that of the returned elected distinguish senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for them to forecast and weigh the dangers of alligning themselves with any apparantee that ought to start from the scratch instead of going for a man with vast political professionalism to the highest ebb with a view to bringing the right choice by God Almighty and a role model less under the radar.

Setting aside, the interest of any registered or recognised party nowadays, hardly you come across any human being who do not want to be represented by a genius member that was tested and trusted, always ready to leave no stone unturned on the plight of his people and pherhaps an expectional true democrat that had no doubt mastered all the technicalities of good legislative proceedings not only limited to his constituency but the entire northern province to make the simple majority understand the reality and wipe away all the negative perceptions they must have arrived on their collective decision against the ruling party in the state which may directly or indirectly affect the exemplary icon of democractic enthusiasm.

The amiable distinguished Senator and my big brother so to say, your recent victory in the 25th February,2023 polls with 104,878 number of votes to defeat the closest contender of the APC who polled 84,062 votes did not only provide an avenue for you to continue making the headlines on the television screen with boldy captions on the national spread while on the hot seat but has equally avail me the oppurtunity to instantly decorate myself with a crown and new rank of political analyst instead of the young writer I was known for.

With this development, be rest convinced that am highly overwhelmed with your success considering various degrees of injuries sustained by the northern extraction after eight years of your absentia in the Nigeria’s parliamentary system with the hope that as the mouth piece of the region you will consolidate on all the previous sacrifices you were used to,to make the battle ground more functional than ever from where those whom had given you the mandate may decide to judge the type of cap deemed fit not only for your hobby,the hockey game in the world of sport but in the already established today’s political hemisphere.

While joining other well meaning citizens and party loyalists cutting across your area of jurisdiction to jubilate on this historic milestone as part of my deepest congratulatory message, please don’t hesistate to strive hard to justify the confidence reposed on you by the electorates through out the long awaited journey; putting at the back of your mind the popular adage that says “To WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED” Leader, A big congratulations once again!!!

Gabi,a journalist,writes from Bauchi and could be reached on:adamumgabi@gmail.com or +2348033990884

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