By: Mohammed Inuwa Goje, Galdimari street Misau, Bauchi state.
In Misau Local Government of Bauchi state burglary, theft, and snatching of valuables items have become the order of the day leaving residents at the mercy of the hooligans. Communities like Federal Low coast, Jajadi, Mangari, Area One, Galdimari, Marshall Road, among many others, have been a major hideout for crimes and criminalities forcing the residents to sleep with one eye open. These criminal activities cannot be quelled without the mention of a dreaded group “KWARAWA” who began their dastardly acts since 2015 General Election in the metropolitan city of Misau.

The KWARAWA boys attack their victims in broad daylight, snatching phones and other valuables. Findings reveal that some highly placed individuals in Misau support the KWARAWA boys atrocities through paying the way for their bails at the police stations and Courts thereby compromising the fight against crimes and criminalities.

On 31st December, 2021 the gang group of KWARAWA boys entered Misau GSM phone Market (Kasuwan Tsaye), embark beating people with a heavy weapons which result getting many Casualties some victims were admitted to Federal Medical Centre Azare for Medication, the hoodlums Steals some valuable items. Again on Wednesday, 6th January, 2022 the KWARAWA boys beat a member of Yan Committee (vigilante group), who later dead while receiving treatment at F.M.C Azare.

The administration of Bala Mohammed on assumption of office in May 2019 vowed to tackle criminalities including the dreaded ‘Yan Sara Suka (Political thuggery). Governor Bala has shown clearly that his administration places a premium on the security of its citizenry, as it has ebulliently made several sustained efforts in tackling security challenges in the state. With 50 patrol vehicles purchased and distributed to Police, military, and other sister agencies, the establishment of the security trust fund, formation of a rapid security response team, among many other efforts has shown how focused and determined governor Bala is, on security matters.

Therefore, we urged this administration of governor Bala Mohammed to lunch a new security outfit title “Operation Gyaran Tarbiyya” in Misau Environs in order to curb the menace of KWARAWA boys and ‘Yan Sara Suka within the state.

There is the need for all and sundry to join hands with government and security agencies across the state to fight crime by divulging information with a view to fishing them out. There is saying Criminals should be punished.

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