Zamfara And Telecommunication Disconnection

The federal government has ordered Zamfara state’s communication lines to be disconnected, ostensibly to thwart bandits’ heinous crimes, following bandit attacks in Zamfara State that resulted in the abduction of school children in the state governor’s home town on Wednesday September 1, 2021, and similarly in Niger and Kaduna states.

Simultaneously, the governments of Zamfara, Niger and Kaduna states have ordered the closure of all weekly markets in the state as part of measures to address the state’s deteriorating situation.

However, the federal and state governments should look into the possibility of providing palliatives for state citizens, as some (if not all) of them are unable to put food on their tables due to the closure of their occupational practices.

Furthermore, the government must make immediate efforts to re-energize intelligence gathering regarding terrorists’ plans, as well as use all legal channels available to prevent and prosecute terrorist activities and private sources of support.

According to reports, one kidnap kingpin has threatened towns, stating that everyone who follows the government’s strategy of closing markets and prohibiting the sale of gasoline will be assaulted at any time. As a result, more troops should be deployed to these towns if the government wants the residents to follow official policy.

According to one expert, no one will disobey terrorists who he knows will kill him without the government’s help.

Nevertheless, we expect that the measures taken will provide a lasting solution to the high rate of banditry and kidnapping in these states. And the government should be very careful about its choice, because these hoodlums could go on to other lanes and cause further havoc in the impacted neighborhood.

Moreover, in order to overcome the country’s dreadful condition, inhabitants should completely cooperate with security. If we work together, we can eliminate the country’s threat of instability. Everyone has a part to play in the situation.

In conclusion, traditional rulers in all the affected states should work closely with security forces to combat the security situation in their states. Because these terrorists are branching out into some of their villages. Residents wouldn’t tell security organizations about them for fear of being attacked or killed by bandits.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki
Writes from Sabon Fegi, Azare.
Bauchi State.

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