11 yrs after battling with wounds in two legs, young man cry out for help in Bauchi

By Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Like any other promising child who would have perhaps, been in school or even graduated, Abdullahi Iliya whose parents (though late now), has been living under serious pains from a burn he sustained during a fire accident at a filling station about eleven years ago.

The young man who is almost looking older than his age as a result of the burns he sustained in both his two legs which he has been nursing with no proper treatment due to lack of money lives in Kurmin Dorawa, Wuntin Dada community, few kilometers away from Bauchi metropolis.

“We were doing some menial work in one filling station when someone made a mistake that caused fire incident which affected us, that was in 2013”, he said.

“Since then, I have been battling with this wound and the little assistance I used to get from some people to buy painkillers and other medicines is no longer there because the treatment has been prolonged and my life is gradually wasting away”, Iliya who is around thirties narrated.

The young man who couldn’t continue in school since the incident happened, lamented that his hope and aspirations are being dashed due to the lingering health challenge.

According to Abdullahi Iliya who is living alone in a very small single room with nobody to look after him, even to feed is a big challenge.

“Both my father and mother died some years back after I got burnt in the fire incident which occurred in a filling station. I need assistance from the government, donor organizations or any well-meaning Nigerian to treat this wound properly in the hospital”, Iliya pleaded.

“My parents have died, living me with no one to take care of me, I rely on well meaning people within the community who often assist me with food, I don’t have the health to go out and hustle for myself”, he said.

Abdullahi who identified one, Alasaini as one of his major helper, said he has now been tied down by many responsibilities.

He described life as terrible, considering his condition, saying that he has nothing but always relying on what comes from God.

“This thing happened to me while I was still in JSS three, we were about to sit for junior WAEC but I couldn’t make it because of the condition I found myself “, he said.

Abdullahi who attributed his lingering problem to lack of adequate treatment, expressed hope that if properly treated, he will bounce back to good health and realize his life dreams.

“When the incident happened, we were rushed to specialist hospital but after administering drip on me, my caregivers took me to herbal doctor for traditional treatment. Initially, I got relief but the wounds could not heal”, he further narrated.

“I need to go back to hospital now but honestly speaking, my parents have died and my relatives are not financially sound to shoulder the expenses”, he said.

Abdullahi Iliya pleaded with the Bauchi state government or well-meaning Nigerians to help him with the resources to go back to the hospital in order to have the wound properly treated.

“I am pleading with the government or any well meaning Nigerian to help me treat this wound, I don’t have anybody close to me that can help me out, even to get food to eat is very hard”, Abdullahi Iliya further begged.

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