Democracy and the Tears of our time.

By Mohammed Kaka misau, Bauchi.

What’s so beautiful or gainful about our democracy ?
When security of lives and properties of citizens are always being threatening by few miscreants elements to an extend of security conscious in whatever they are doing.
The prices of food and essential commodities skyrocketing in leaps and bounds, while the purchasing power of naira continue looses fame in the world markets.
Cost of electricity bills seems to be so exobitant that made it difficult for Petit burgeoises to effectively use , couple with epileptic power supply.
What’s so special in this democratic dispensation, when prices of Petroleum products is above the economy ambit of average Nigerians to procure and virtually made prices of all commodities to be shooting up randomly.
What’s so special with our democracy, when political leaders at different phased adopted political subterfuge and ensured of infesting all sectors of economy with elements of political brinkmanship, from judiciary, police, military , media, educational sector as well as labour.
Where are our labour unions, when all these harvest of increment of Petroleum and electricity by President Buhari’s led APC government did which by extension thrown million of Nigerians up the creeks.
For more than nine months Universities lecturers are on strike, education linchpin waxes and wane, yet labour leaders keeping mute about the matter.
Does this signified labour unions Shadow Chases politic to an extend that they cannot longer playing the roles of selfgaurd Nigerians from any form of untold government hardship?
We are indeed on perilous journey