I wouldn’t mind finishing uncompleted constituency projects to my predecessors’ credit – Rep member Bappah

Mohammed Kaka

A member representing Misau/Dambam federal constituency in the National Assembly, Hon Bappah Aliyu Misau has pledged to ensure that any identified ongoing or uncompleted projects left behind by his predecessors would be completed to the benefit of the constituents.

Hon. Misau who made the pledge in an interview with our Corresspondent yesterday, pleaded with his predecessors not to hesitate to draw his attention to any constituency project they started but couldn’t complete due to expiration of their tenures to enable him complete them, saying, governance is a continuity.

“In as much as such projects are to the benefit of my people, if identified, I will not joke with it, I will ensure its completion so that the good people of my constituency would reap dividends of democracy”, he further assured.

According to him, it will not make sense for any public office holder, elected or appointed to ignore uncompleted projects left behind by his or her predecessors simply because of political party differences.

“Since during campaigns I kept promising that I will continue from where my predecessors stopped”, Bappah Misau said.

“I urge the followers and supporters of those I succeeded to please tell them to come forward and inform me that, they started a particular project but couldn’t complete it, I assure you, I will not mind completing the project, even if it means giving them the credit because my only concern is not to take the credit for any constituency project done but for my people to benefit”, the federal Lawmaker stated.

“My predecessors were there before me, they are the foundation while I am the head-cost, head cost is normally on the top of the building, so I have to complete it so that the people of my constituency will feel the positive impact, it is all about continuity”, Hon. Aliyu Bappah Misau insisted.

“Please let them help me and the constituency they served, come forward with list of projects they started but left uncompleted, I will gladly welcome them, I will complete them, to me it’s not a problem because we are all serving our people as their representatives”, he explained.

According to Hon. Bappah, there may be schools, hospital, drainage, culverts and other constituency projects left uncompleted due to tenure expiration, as such, they needed to be completed for the benefit of the Electorates.

“Let them identify such projects so that we will include them in the coming 2025 budget in order to be completed”, he said.

The Lawmaker who solicited for continued support and prayers from the good people of his constituency, added that he will continue to prioritize their wellbeing.

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