We’ll ensure proper harnessing of Bauchi’s diversity, says Gov Bala

By Samuel Luka, Bauchi

Bauchi Governor Bala Mohammed has vowed to ensure that the ethno-religious differences among the citizens is properly harnessed for the socio-economic development of the state.

Mohammed made this known on Saturday while flagging-off the construction of the 4.6km Sabon Kaura – Birshi – BRC FM; 2.6km Gwallameji – Doka – Rafin Zurfi – Dass and 1.1km Bayara roads in Bauchi local government area.

Bala Mohammed who enjoined the the citizens of the state not to engage in ethno-religious discrimination, further explained that diversity is the strength of unity and peaceful co-existence.

Bala Mohammed therefore, pledged to do everything humanly possible to ensure that the diversity of the State was harnessed for growth and development.

According to him, his administration will continue to work with the traditional institutions to ensure that nobody is shortchanged on the bases of ethno-religious differences.

The Governor who warned that his administration will not tolerate any form of division along ethno-religious line said, “we are one, we were created to live together as one and we must tolerate each other.”

Bala Mohammed said in order to demonstrate the unity of the state, his administration has ensured that every Christmas, the gates of the Government House is left opened to accommodate Christian women in order to show them that the government cared for them.

“We are not doing that for the Moslem women because we don’t have where to accommodate them inside the Government House because of their number”, the Governor said.

Bala regretted that the communities that are in the outskirts of Bauchi have suffered neglect from the past administrations.

“I cannot wish you people away because you have always stood by me since I ventured into politics in 2007. You voted for me into the Senate and in 2019, you voted for me, in 2023, you repeated it for my second term.” Bala Mohammed recalled.

The Governor who stated that he has during his electioneering Campaigns pledged to construct roads for communities outside the main town of the state capital, expressed delight that he is fulfilling the promise during his second tenure.

“My hope is that you will continue to be peace loving people and live peacefully with others. As you are agitating for me to go up to manage Nigeria, I have to start from here, manage the diversity in Bauchi state, be fair and just to all irrespective of the ethno-religious differences. That is how God created us in Nigeria”, he added.

The Governor commended the Christian dominated areas for their patience and cooperation over the years, saying, “I am particularly proud of you, you have not allowed bad eggs to infiltrate you and you have remained peaceful since I came on as the Governor of Bauchi State.”

He assured them that his administration will continue to pursue peace and unity of the state stressing that it is only in a peaceful atmosphere that development can be made.

According to the governor, the projects, when completed, will boost the economy of the state and strengthen community ties, considering the significance of the roads during farming season.

He affirmed that his administration is dedicated to ensuring their timely completion and extended his gratitude for the support from the Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji (Dr) Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, the traditional institutions, and the citizens.

The Governor who announced that another 5-kilometer road that will link Gwallagan Mayaka with Dandanko has been added, emphasized the importance of enabling them to transport their agricultural products to markets for improved standard of living.

The Governor urged the people of Bauchi State to continue supporting the administration as it makes efforts to address the poor road network facing various communities across the state.

In a vote of thanks, the Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Rilwanu Sulaiman Adamu while expressing gratitude in a vote of thanks to the governor for gesture, commended him implementing high-quality developmental projects across the state.

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