Bauchi Residents Commends Shafa Energy for making fuel available despite prevailing scarcity

By: Mohammed kaka Misau, Bauchi

Some residents in Bauchi state have commended the management of Shafa Energy for making fuel reachable despite its prevailing scarcity not only in Bauchi state but the entire country.

There is no iota of doubt that scarcity of fuel has persisted not just in Bauchi alone, but in almost all parts of the country.

“Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling station in Bauchi State has been the best especially in this trying times”, a resident said.

Speaking on how the fuel scarcity affects the people, Mal. Usman Galambi pointed out that there has been issues about fuel, but it seems better these days.

“Any filling station you go, before you know it while on the queue, you will be told that the fuel has finished due to its consumption demand. But now, it is a bit better”, Galambi noted.

“Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling station is really trying. When it comes to their management, there is always a change of Staff and they hardly compromise”, he added.

Also speaking on which of the filling stations in Bauchi is trying, and also sells fuel to their customers at Government approved price, Muhammad Muhammad said there is no comparison between Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling Station and any other filling station in the State Capital.

“For me, there is no any filling station like Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling Station, Because this is where I come to buy fuel everyday. In all difficulties, you must get fuel when you come here. Like now, I am from Wuntin Dada, but I came here to get fuel because I have full assurance of getting it, and I got it”, Muhammad said.

He also appreciated the management of the Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling station, and encouraged them to keep it up.

On his part, Mansur Abdullahi who is popularly known as City boy, a tricycle rider appreciated God for what the Shafa Energy is doing for the people of the State.

“Alhamdullilah! the situation is unlike 2-3 months ago. It is better now. Like Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling station, you hardly come to this filling station and don’t get fuel. I mean, Shafa filling station Plaza, by Maiduguri byepass”, he said.

Mansur prayed that God should continue to bless the management of Shafa Energy and lift them up and also give them the grace to keep it up and do even better than before.

Abdulkadir Iliyasu popularly known as Talba or Maijama’a, The Training Manager, as well as the Acting Operation Manager of the Shafa Energy Maiduguri Bye-Pass filling Station said it has always been a pleasure for them to satisfy the needs of their customers.

“Honestly, this has been as a result of our leaders, that is the Chairman of Shafa Energy, Alhaji Yakubu Maishanu and Alhaji Ahmed Umar (The Waziri of Dambam) who is the Managing Director/Chief Operating Officer of the Company and our Commercial Department and Petroleum Department, who are the ones in charge of the fuel distribution and they worked untireless so as to provides us with the Products”, he explained.

According to him, “they always ensure that every Shafa Energy filling Station in Bauchi State gets fuel and sell at ease. So, they gave alot of contribution in seeing that with all this difficulty of fuel, we, the Shafa Energy filling station gets fuel in all its stations, so as to ease our customers who patronize us”.

Adding that, “So, with this, there is nothing we can say, rather than for God to bless them and continue to lift the company.

He also pleaded with their customers to continue to be patient with them in terms of challenges, particularly during fuel scarcity.

“Because at times, there are challenges that do come, especially when you ask a customer to follow the queue. We learn everyday. Because at first, the gate used to be opened for everybody to come in and get their fuel. But as time goes on, problems began to erupt so me being the Training Manager and also the Acting Operation Manager i have to strategize, I have to come up with new ideas on how best to ease the suffering of the customers during the scarcity times. Everyday when I get back home after the closure of the filling Station, I do have a rethink and research on how best to manage my loyal customers because a Customer is a King”, he said.

“So, I keep bringing in new methods on how best to manage them and satisfy them within short period of time. If fuel is supplied, I do seperate the pumps accordingly. Bikemen with their own pump, Keke NAPEP, and cars separately”, he further explained.

Abdulkadir who pleaded with customers to always comply with simple instructions guiding their operations, admitted that a lot of challenges abounds during fuel scarcity.

“There were challenges the filling station faces, but by the grace of God, we are overcoming them gradually everyday with the co-operation of our loyal customers. There is no quarrels anymore among customers. I spend like 7-8hours everyday just to make sure that no customer is cheated. So, in all, that is all that has been going on in the Shafa Energy precisely Maiduguri By-Pass filling Station, he said.

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