By: Aliyu H. Yusuf, Jos.

Northern Nigeria was an autonomous division within Nigeria, distinctly different from the southern part of the country, with independent customs, foreign relations and security structures. In 1962 it acquired the territory of the British Northern Cameroons, which voted to become a province within Northern Nigeria.

North is Favored with enormous natural resources and blessed with Brilliant and educated personalities that make an outstanding story in and outside the Country.

Since before the arrival of colonial Masters, Northerners established their local institutions and already been in different Businesses Which include Production of raw Materials and also have a well structured leadership that conduct their Policies, actions and their affairs.

But unfortunately the story changed in 2012 where Some Women Become widows, children become fatherless, houses are set ablaze while some are seized, Markets are pull-down,schools are destroyed. North is No More a North but a killing floor, North is no more safe, North is no more secured, North is no more a Business ground, North is no more a green Land all because of Boko Haram,bandits, kidnappers and unknown gunmen which we don’t know when it will come to an end despite the Military and government endeavors.

In other phase! clerics and emirs are not esteemed in the eyes of politicians because they exchanged their charisma with money, which make their words so powerless.
In the same North! Elite have no Marcy Upon destitute persons. In the same North, elders are not respected and young ones are not pitied. In in the same North! women are not honored and men’s efforts are not appreciated. In the same North, rape cases is always rising and parents of the victims swallowed their angers in scared of people words and humiliation and the rapist are not punished. In the same North! Youth Banished their Culture and alter to that of others. True love is rare because of fakeness, which increases the rate of Of divorce and break ups. In the same North! Beggars filled-up the urban areas and Fornication become Fashion, hypocrite become style and Envy become habits.

What is the solution for North? Are we really the problem of ourselves? If we are! then we really need change individually, let the change begins with you. Do not wait to Strike till the iron is hot; but make it Hot by striking. we do not need magic to Transform our world. we carry all The power we need Inside ourselves. we Have the power to Imagine Better. NORTH DESERVES BETTER